Hi, I'm Rathesh Prabakar

An optimistic developer who loves to work with several new technologies and tools. A logical problem solver with strong competency skills on C & Python. I love to stay consistent, self learn things and constantly push myself beyond conventional patterns. I am the person who strongly believes and keep track of 3Cs(Consistency, Collaboration, Contribution) in life.

A remarkable writer with catchy content writing skills. I love to share my each and every learning through blog post.

What I know

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Relational Database

Web Development

J2EE Development






Spring REST




My works


Green Club GCT - Website

Created a website for my college club, GREEN CLUB GCT. It was initiated with the view of promoting research and development in green engineering concepts and energy conservation activities.

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Modular Programming

Food Ordering System

A mini project on C to implement Food ordering with login, signup, search by food, search by hotels, Order by food, Order by hotels, cart & Order Confirmation functionalities.

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Smart Message Alert System

A mini project which can send SMS alert to the faculties regarding their classes daily. In this project I used MSG91 API through which I am sending alert to respective mobile numbers with customized messages.

  • Language : Python
  • API : MSG91
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    Modular Programming

    Contact Management System

    A mini project on C to create and manage your contacts. This project will contains Addition, Deletion, Contact Search, Displaying contact book functionalities.

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    Python Packages

    Created some PyPi packages for simple tasks like to find the Length of the digit without typecasting to the string, To count Number of vowels and consonants in a string.

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    Web Development

    K2 Kadhaikalam Podcast

    Developed A bootstraped website to project the podcasts of the user from different platforms including spotify, Google podcast etc.,.

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    Thoughts Sharing

    Tech Developers Community

    Teen's Tech Talk - Web Development

    An interactive session with juniors where I could share my experiences in web development and gave some tips and tricks towards the learning of web.


    Mics on GCT

    Dive into Tech

    A questionare session with juniors where I shared the ways to capaitalize tech opportunities, importance of coding and how to involve ourself towards tech communities


    Vision Foresighting Future

    Future Vision - Tamil Tech Podcast

    An interactive discussion podcast about the Google I/O, Machine Learning, Future of IT, Web Development Tools and tips.

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